The Cryotec method is highly simplified vitrification protocol. Easy for anyone.All the solutions (every batch) have been examined their safety and also effectiveness with repeated chemical and animal experiments. Only 100% survival proved solutions are provided.

The Cryotec Method is a vitrification system used to safely cryopreserve and thaw oocytes and embryos at any stage. This method allows us to achieve 100% survival after thawing, which is one of the best indicators of the safety of cryopreservation. The spread of this method began globally in 2012, and it has been applied to hundreds of thousands of clinical cases in over 70 countries. In each country, the Cryotec Method has been able to significantly improve the clinical data of IVF centers and facilities that had previously been using the “slow freezing” method and other conventional systems of vitrification. The purpose of cryopreservation is to safely preserve oocytes and embryos, which hold a life within, without hurting them until the day they are thawed and implanted into the mother’s body. The Cryotec Method vitrification technique enables us to achieve this goal in the most efficient and reliable way yet invented.


We provide the highest quality components for successful oocyte/embryo vitrification and thawing: Vitrification and Warming Solutions and Plates, as well as Cryotecs (carrier devices), along with hands-on training of the Cryotec Method vitrification and thawing protocols.